Caroline Giuliani, daughter of Rudy, opens up about being polyamorous

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Right rudy. Giuliani's daughter caroline rose says she finds strength and being a unicorn and we're not talking about the mythical creature carolina reveals in vanity fair that she takes pleasure and pride in being the third and a sexual relationship with a couple so she is very open in this letter. She is unapologetic. She is very happy and proud and she said it took her awhile to get to this point but she is super happy to spread awareness. I would like to hear your thoughts. The guest our guest stars always the role. That wanna have. If you're going to do this. Explain to the people first of all unicorn. This first of all unicorn is a mystical creature. Obviously the third person in a relationship Go ahead i'm more like a goat. I come in food. I rummaged leave. You don't want me there. Because i'm digging. I'm asking you questions about your relationship. Okay oh yeah you're involved. Enjoy the moment. Have a nice night. So maybe we can do this again sometime. It's going to be sexy but then it turns into dr phil. It's like a whole connection here. What can we do to bring you back to get an older home doing nothing. One hundred days to the unicorn mad that the even using this word unicorn is the mystical creatures. A word my son would use the unicorn and now that it's this person who's in a relationship with a couple. I never use that word again. May mommy and were beautiful. I bet you do see this. Is that bronco unicorn. We normally call that person. Frankie freak frigging day game. Get with the couple all. It's a thing i gotta say. What is now the thing because you're also unattached. You know unicorn side piece. yes that's what is normally called. you are they. Are we committed. No there's no people with papers der together a unicorn. The definition of a person comes into a razor. They cannot interfere with the couple mainstays. You're just to come and go

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