A highlight from A Womans Job (Deborah and Barak)


Today's story comes from judges chapter four yet again. The people of israel did evil yet again. They were taken over by a foreign nation. This time the candidates in order to give them a wakeup call the commander of the invading army cicero commanded nine hundred chariots and. He oppressed the israelites for twenty years. In addition to the usual oppressive activities cicero would oppress them by doing practical jokes. To cause great inconveniences. He would do things like tipping over their cattle during their animal pins into ball pits and placing a bunch of cups of water on the floor in their kitchen and night so when they woke up the either spilled the water or had to pick up the cubs one by one. He thought he was hilarious. But few people shared that same sentiment. The people cried out to god to save them from this guy who thought he was. Oh funny at that time. Deborah prophet was judging israel. People would come to her for advice on any in all subjects and listen to what she had to say one day. Deborah called for a guy named jack when he didn't come. She tweeted at him. You know sent a burr to deliver a written message. Finally barack begrudgingly showed up at devas. Hang out spot under a palm tree. Deborah folded her arms and said to him. Hey barack has it going Just checking in didn't didn't tell you to gather ten thousand troops so you could defeat surra and how's that going again. Barack fumbled his reply. Yeah that's right. A some complications with the plane and the very he stopped for a moment. Gather self fine. I didn't really want to how about how about you go with me. I'll go if you go. does that. Sound like a fair trade. We can get this done together. Deborah side that's what it takes to do the task but because you are a big check you will not get the credit and the gory in this battle. The lord will give cicero into the hand of a woman a woman fokker gonna feel some major female empowerment today. can sure that so. Deborah got up and motion barack to follow her together. The gathered the ten thousand men prepared to face off against their enemy. When cicero had heard that barack was up at mount taber cicero called on his chariots. All nine hundred of them and got together all the men who were with him he put his pranks on hold. I second because now was the time for war. Putting manny's putting cups would have to wait. Barack was unsure of what to do next sherry at a bunch of troops but cicero had iron chariots. Lot more sophisticated weaponry. Deborah slapped upside the head. It's time to do something iraq. This is the day in which the lord has given your enemy into your hands. Well i'm afraid that. Give your enemy into the hands of a woman or whatever you still have a part to play. The lord is going with you today. What do you have to fear now. Empowered by the prophet barack sounded the war cry and his troops ran down from mount taber. Thanks to some divine intervention. The enemy troops were distracted by some pretty butterflies and they ended up rooted right into iraq's army. Cicero was outnumbered and taken off guard quickly. The practical jokester realized he didn't stand a chance of winning. Cicero hop down from his chariot ran away on foot as he did. This kept falling out of his pockets. Like fake sticks of gum that shock you and a whole lot of cling wrap. Meanwhile barack had found so courage hidden inside he pursued every last chariot every last member of that army running them all over the land until he got every single one of them. Pretty good about himself. They had won the battle. Sure enough but cicero was nowhere to be found on the battlefield that sinister practical joker cicero had run away. He found the encampment of hever. The candidate a clan that had once been friends of israel but now the canaanites and the kenai it's had a peace treaty between them. These two nights were united. Cicero felt he was safe hiding here. He went to the tent of jail. Jail came out to meet him. She hit her hatred a welcoming smile. She said to him come and rest. My lord do not be afraid. Take your boots off and kick up your feet and relax so he went inside the tent. She covered with a blanket and got all cozy lot more relaxed. This era safely pleaded with her for a little water drink because he was very thirsty after a hard day's work running from a battle he was in charge of jail complied kind of. She opened a skin of milk and gave him a drink. Vinci piled fuel more blankets on top of him until he was just a lump of fluff with a face.

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