Ben and the Steelers' Short-Term Future, Chicago's QB Quandary, Top 200 Free Agents Preview | NFL Deep Dive - burst 12


Be that final piece of the puzzle. Although last year it kind of instructed our thoughts on that like we thought clay campbell was the guy that would push the ravens over the edge. And i think there are gonna be those guys. This year That sign and make us think that this team is going to be completely ready to to push to the next level. But i don't know it's interesting list lot of old guys a lot of bad time for old guys to be free agents but You know as always like one or two or three potential really dominant value. Signings out there. So i think he's going to be a year where we're a lot of guys are bummed out with the contract. They end up settling four. We'll see we'll have plenty of free agency stuff next week as we sort of. I don't know By by the time this podcast comes out. We'll probably be ramping up pretty well. As far as the free agency hot stove season goes in the nfl and that That what this podcast saw about that in oriels baseball at this point just can't wait for orioles spill little more orioles baseball this year pitchers and catchers but yeah no. I think it's a you know it's going to be super tiresome though is What's to be super tiresome. Is the idea that so many more of these guys since it's a down year right and and there's not a lot of money being handed out might go to the buccaneers. You know what i mean.

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