#104 The Amityville Horror (1979) with Kim Wilson and James Hudson from Nite Shift Video - burst 21

Horror Soup


We feel like we grew as friends as people as amityville horror enthusiasts. Yeah i agree we. It was a productive discussion. Only twenty six more to go. Twenty eight twenty nine whose county i mean. There's two more so we said like twenty eight or something last time so we're definitely at like thirty now because there's two more movies. There's going to be four more by the time we have our next chat. It's okay but don't worry about it james till the people you're about Yeah my name's james dul show called night shift video. You can find us on instagram at the underscore at night. Shifter's and kim. I know you never plug your Horror blog. But i really like it. So while you to plug it all right the plug for my horrible bullshit. Fuck it feel this. You see the way. She's like winding up or armed. She's like i got a good a good curve ball

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