03_Psalm 38, The Seven Penitential Psalms - burst 06


Itself indicates how sunday rather than than saturday came to be seen as the christian sabbath. So we don't celebrate sabbath on friday night into saturday rather we celebrate it on saturday night into sunday. Which is why you can go to mass on saturday evening at sundown and it still count as your sunday obligation so there are a bunch of incidents connected with the sabbath in the gospels. But there are several that you can kind of group them together. There are exercises on sabbath. There are healings of those with chronic illnesses on the sabbath. I just read one of those to you. And then there are teachings on the sabbath and so each of these sort of incidents in the gospels tells us something about the new sabbath in jesus. The which will be moved from friday to saturday or sunday depending on how you count the time but That goes back to

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