Investigations Continue as Questions About the Capitol Riot Remain Unanswered


There are still a lot of questions about other individuals involved in the attack on the as well as the organization and planning behind it fbi's investigating whether foreign governments groups are individuals may have funded extremists who helped plan and execute the january six attack fbi sources telling nbc news that the bureau is examining payments of five hundred thousand dollars in bitcoin apparently by french national two key figures and groups in the alt-right before the riot kind of weird also know the fbi collected thousands of phone and electronic records connected to people at the scene of the rioting including many records from the members of congress and staff members. Who were there. That day. Senator sheldon whitehouse and several fellow. Democrats have called for senate ethics committee. Look into the behavior of the republican colleagues. Tech josh hawley. In relation to the events of january six and today democratic congressman. Eric swallow of california actually filed a lawsuit. And it's the second lawsuit on this on these actions. This lawsuit accuses former president. Donald trump his son. Donald trump junior republic rudy giuliani republican congressman mo brooks of alabama of violating federal civil rights law and local incitement laws with their speeches at that rally near the white house in the morning of january six lawsuit. Alleges the capital attack was quote a direct and foreseeable consequence the defendants false incendiary allegations of fraud and theft and indirect presponse. The defendants calls for violence. Gerstein is a senior legal affairs reporter at politico where he has been covering the arrest of trump appointing federico klein and he joins me now. Josh i saw this story and obviously this guy was like particularly high up the state department but it i read the story. I thought he had left. He was working there right like until the end of the trump term. That's right chris. I was told. He tendered his resignation on january nineteenth. So that's two weeks after the storming of the capital and it became effective a couple of days later. So i guess he was wandering around at foggy bottom knowing full well that he had taken part as the video appears to depict in this assault on the nation's capital on the congress. Tell us a little more about this individual. So he's forty two years old He served in the marine corps in iraq. According to his mother. I haven't been able to determine much in terms of a work history. He had a couple jobs on capitol hill about fifteen twenty years ago as an intern briefly working for the house. Small business committee but he seems to have sort of potted around to different Different kinds of posts before fetching up at the trump campaign in twenty sixteen. There are pictures on his facebook page showing him a working at trump tower. I believe on election night in two thousand sixteen with a couple of other young men there and then he managed to turn that into a political appointee job at the state department in this special assistant a position. Exactly what he did. There is also a little murky. I have to say. I spoke to a number of people last night. Who worked in this department at the state department office at the state department and a lot of them didn't know him or said they'd only met him briefly he seems to have ended up an office that handled brazilian and what they call the southern cone affairs. I think those are the andes countries and somebody told me he was eventually transferred a believe it or not chris to the freedom of information act office which is not usually the career trajectory. Most people in government are looking for this quote from his mother. Cecelia klein saying that fred's politics burn a little hot. She said i've never known him to violate the law. I believe is. He said he was on the mall that day. I don't have any neural. Ever ask him unless he tells me where where he was after he was on the mall.

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