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Lincoln description below that. Good stuff anyway. anyway. How How you you guys guys do do how's how's life. life. How's How's tricks tricks how how situation situation good. good. yes yes amazing. amazing. How's How's it it going going with with me. me. Same old in you know. Just trying to keep my head above water at every noses doing but frankly some light in the tunnel. I think i mentioned in the previous podcast. This is feeling like you know. I saw ortega finding calls put. It was discovered. This bit yucky. Behave you move on. I saw recently a story about bobby schmor- as supposed to be has six days. Let's be sentenced right. And i'm pretty sure there's going to be the longest six as if his entire life you know. They're probably periods of his sentence. Way went pas very quickly. Some very slow barred assume when you hit the longest home stretch a you know Time congo barak time congo quicken and feel. The same thing is happening with kobe especially in the uk we've kinda vaccinated a whole bunch of people will just about getting to the point where we can finally start to reach out and touch our normal lives again. We can smell You know Freedom of movement to do what we like is on the horizon. Just have to wait a little bit longer. I guess it's bad. Nothing is better than last year. What october-november woman of so much uncertainty and we didn't really know what was going to happen and i figure out all of my kind of pessimistic opinions about the look on opening up but it looks like there's a law things to be hopeful for and to kind of keep you somewhat saying for these last few weeks said mom says we kind of head into us going back to normality but you know it's syllabus stretch but what else have i been doing in between oh Watching breed and what. You're listening movies watching tv series banging books watching documentaries. Managers smash fruity entirety of concha. My head documentary biden cutting new hit documentary by legendary documentary. Filmmaker adam curtis. That was pretty decent six hour. Watch maybe six hour plus a couple episodes with like an hour and ten twenty minutes but as well warfare. I'll talk about that later in nepad and what else i did. Finish your honor. A great little mini series. That was on showtime. I'm sure they've actually green season two which is annoying. You kind of wonder just to end on season one. But you know i get it. You have to make what you can you know bryan. Cranston is bryan cranston microwave. His name is the guy from breaking bad for can smashes it so talk about later as well. I'm sitting in. Of course spending lows of time to actually more time than i've ever done in my entire life in this makes me think two things i think first of all it kind of has some relation with the Ahead documentary by adam. Its way essentially. The premise of it is quite optimistic. is all you know what he's basically arguing doing is that we've had lows of years where you know. Governments and dark forces have tried to somehow engineer. And manipulate the way we think phil and interact with the world but it hasn't necessarily worked and extended therefore it would work. We've kind of may be gloves in trouble and issues and kind of mind jabs jeffer- own ignorance in need Whatever to do everyone but by large we are quite free. We can kind of make our decisions if we kinda mobilizing together and decided enough is enough of this thing. Whatever may be we can make the change that's needed in order to have a and brighter future so it's to mystic right but the thing that was interesting about it i think would learn how to so. I've been spending a lot more time into than i would have done previously. Because obviously lockdown. And you're spending a lot more time when you find a lot more timely laptop more time just at home. Just wasting time doing shit. You wouldn't probably do if the world is open. And i wouldn't do anyway in that regard and what i've noticed because again i tried my best to follow as many accounts my to are kind of you know Occupied both sides of the political aisle. You'd say the rat in the left but by and large square basically homeless hot takes wife seen like people are bending over backwards. I fully a couple of do john day. Who are like you know every twenty minutes or so they construct in some sort of contrarian heartache the hopes of getting likes re tweets. that's essentially. What is on memes right sharing vigilance kind of Has been something. I've enjoyed the law right. You kind of feel like you get a lot of the memes love the viral content i guess asocial media platforms usually average to than other places l. sometimes facebook as well but usually after mostly comes from to usually get the trashy stuff from facebook that the fighting and the things but some of the funniest stuff usually occurs a the constant need for

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