Pueblo leaders meet with Second Gentleman of United States


This is national native news. I'm antonio gonzales. In montana covid nineteen vaccines will be open to. All on april first yet is yellowstone. Public radio's caitlyn. Nicholas reports vaccines on. Tribal nations are already available to everyone. Jennifer show is a nurse. Practitioner at fort belknap tribal health department. She says they are. Well positioned to distribute the vaccine because of partnerships with indian health service and a longstanding public health nursing program that trained nine local nurses who handled contact tracing at the beginning of the pandemic girls. Were ready to go ready to start helping. Get the axing out with our population which is another plus for us. The girls work out in that area and they know how to get a hold of them. Which i think kind of helped us with getting. This rolled out so much faster as well. Tribes are also try and create a vaccination strategies show says fort belknap tribal health began vaccinating teenagers in the area. During the week of march fifteenth by partnering with local school systems both on nearby the reservation by this point teachers in the area. We're already vaccinated bubble. So you know the more. We can vaccinate around us as well as us ourselves. The better off. We're going to be trying to keep our numbers on black. Sea nation is currently reporting ninety. Five percent of eligible enrolled members are vaccinated ihs data from the pakistan and born in sioux tribes and the chippewa cree of rocky boy's reservation show a third of tribal members in these areas are now vaccinated compared to about fifteen percent of montana as a whole molly lind the tribal health director for the little shell tribe of chippewa. Indians says. The tribe has partnered with alluvial health. Great falls and is trying different. Vaccine approaches all the time instead of appointments one week. They offered an evening walk in vaccine clinic to see if that attracted members working day shifts. Were really trying to make it. As convenient as canaan for all of our members to get vaccinated vaccines are coming to tribes from direct federal allocations to ihs and sometimes through the state native americans are also prioritised under the state's vaccination plan due to higher risk of death and health complications from covid nineteen little. Shell health director. Wetland says. i really do think that tribal nation have done a really good job. It's hard to disagree. Look at montana's covid nineteen vaccine tracker map. And you'll see the dark. Green areas of high vaccination rates almost perfectly highlight tribal nations for national native news. I'm caitlyn nicholas. Group of pueblo. Leaders met with the second gentleman of the united states. Doug emhoff's last week when he traveled to new mexico part of a nationwide tour to promote the biden administration's covid nineteen recovery plan pueblo of alabama governor brian bio was one of four pueblo leaders to me with 'em hof at kua pueblo via says the trip to meet with the vice president's husband was only the third time he's left akamot pueblo in the years since the pandemic began aca has been under a number of emergency covid nineteen orders including a reservation closure bio says he shared with emhoff how the tribe prioritized elders and cultural leaders. I for covid nineteen vaccines. He stressed how the pueblo has had to put culture on the side which has been a great sacrifice. We remain rooted in our culture. that's what sustains and well we can't do we cannot practice what we not when we are not engaged in that process. It's painful and that was the case and still is the case during this time of what we are doing it because we have to protect our people file also shared with emhoff how the pueblo is continuing. Its vaccine. rollout plan everyone who is eligible every travel member every resident here. The people of alabama has an opportunity to receive the vaccine and doing all that we can also to ensure that our trouble members who do not live on the survey ship are also afforded the opportunity to be vaccinated and locations where they live one of the few tribes in new mexico working with the state vaccine distribution do its current legal battle with the indian health service over a reduction of care at a hospital on komo lands. I mean antonio

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