Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey urges the federal government to deal with 'crisis' at the US-Mexico border


S. Mexico border, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey urged the Biden administration to step in and help manage the influx of migrants, he says more than 13,000 migrant Children are in the custody of customs and border protection. Right now, that's the highest number in the history of the agency. I'm going to call this situation. What it is a crisis, a manmade crisis called caused by elites in Washington, D. C, who are totally divorced. From the reality on the ground. That was governor Doug Ducey, who traveled to the border along with other Republican politicians to blame the current surge of migrants on Democratic President Joe Biden. Immigration and border Security has been a hot button issue for decades in Arizona and the rest of the country. But do see made the claim that the former president Donald Trump had largely fixed border issues. That's kpho reporter Denis Welsh. Sharp

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