Miami Beach imposes emergency curfew as partiers overwhelm city


Reporting a party ending curfew imposed after fights, gunfire, property destruction and dangerous stampedes broke out among huge crowds of people in Miami Beach could extend through the end of spring break. Any beach commissioner is voting unanimously Sunday to empower the city manager to extend the curfew in the South Beach Entertainment District until least April 12, effectively shutting down a spring break hot spot in one of the few states fully open during the pandemic. Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gilbert was on CNN today. Well, it feels in some ways like our city is a tender right now, you know where one of the few destinations open and so people are flocking here in huge numbers, you know, and it's not just about not wearing masks and physical distancing. It's also some of the folks that are coming are coming with bad intentions. Others Brawls and even gunplay. And when you have these levels of crowds you can't really manage unless you have enormous policing. And all that mixed creates a lot of peril and a lot of concern, and I do worry. I know all of my Colleagues in city government, and many of our residents are worried about it. So Mayor are you considering shutting down some businesses? What if you were to shut down bars for the next say three weeks? Well, last yesterday we had an emergency meeting and we way did just that in our entertainment area. We haven't eight p.m. curfew now. So it's closed out at eight p.m.. And that's what she saw. Where are police? Sort of trying to get folks off the streets? We've also by the way, taking the extreme step of closing down our causeways eastbound. After 10 p.m. at night just to stop the flow of people coming here, so all the local traffic and residents in hotel guests really will be able to come to the shore city, which is an island so it's you know, it doesn't feel Like there's there's real issues here of management. Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gilbert today on CNN. The police in Miami Beach say they've arrested now over 1000 people, including charging 350. With felonies.

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