How businesses can leverage blockchain technologies

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Hello and welcome. I'm your host. Peter found the rough anywhere consulting in today's episode. We will talk about blockchain. We'll discuss how growing companies may approach blockchain. What they can get out from blockchain based technologies and how they can create meaningful products with blockchain to discuss the topic. I invited feted. Spencer from any volk analytics. Hey freddie. I'm glad you're with us today so i start. What led you to blockchain. So basically i studied computer science business and that's more than twenty years ago but the thing is why i mentioned is that i always like to work on the building bridges between different compartments. Are you know science studies. Whatever network as a project manager internet agency for almost two years as the head of project management than the internal consulting education and stuff like that so it was always like translating save agency. Translating the marketing requirements into developers Can prevent whatever and online shop or website. Or something like that. And i guess you could say that this is sort of an also too much in that the actual one was my co founder. Peter in twenty fifteen and told me auditorium and like this is a cryptocurrency is good made make fiat Obsolete ambience great vision and all on. I got interested. And i want a couple of coins and basically just seeing coats and do we got to find on rabbit hole as a say in the year and reading more learning more about it fascination grew and so this was eating out my my evenings and nights and everything in life was sort of like well you know can be. It can talk on something else and things like that eventually in two thousand eighteen. I did the jump and said okay gonna do full-time crypto. Always a great experience with making my hobby. My job right. So that's one of the dream come. True trump basically. If you can do what you love to do to pay it. So and that's what i did and taking the jump and basically what fascinates me about blockchain is again that is bridging a lot of different disciplines and means different things one. If people give the economic things could be speculation financial assets could be technology agrees society change be making the better place because the losing potential south is higher than the north. It's just i. I liked to compare to the internet and the ninety s is like what is the internet and back then. There was a difficult question. Maybe someone answer and you can have a website. Their emails of analogy no more against the giants of this world came out of it and having business models that nobody ever dreamed of potential marching. And that's basically making fascination thank you. That's an amazing journey. You have the skills to understand. High-profile technologies like blockchain. Because you have the background in set technologies but for those who didn't how would you explain and this is like the more general question that anyone can get. I guess what blockchain case and what it can do for you as a business so. The obvious answer is to answer the for blockages ledger technology. So alleger where facts are noted. Let's put it most journal way possible. And it is saved a lot of different places and all participants of this network agreed on this on the state of that information which means also that. It is always complete the orders. The same order which is in in bookkeeping accountants would be great and understanding blockchain's the always the sole disagreement network much like the internet servers. Talk to each other and then recording append only information so they can never be any deletion. What is occasions. So there has been consensus reached and this high-tech and there's different technologies. Actually there is not one much of many different blockchain's because it's a nascent technology and the standard as we know it it's on the internet is not there yet so racist open which one's gonna be the predominant standard and the two to come back to businesses. Is that like i said with the internet. The use cases are pretty much limitless. Or i think all the begin. Think about maori. Or i in the process of developing is just the tip of the iceberg. In sense of what. We're gonna be seeing next five years or so because Nyse music distribution basically also consuming music and this design marketing talks about that. You know high novel south yet

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