Interview With Paul Craig, Author of 'The Killing Zone'

Behind the Prop


What's up wally. Hey bobby how are you. I'm good this week. we have a what. I'll call a powerhouse guests with us. We've talked about the killing zone many times on the show this week. We have paul craig joining us. He is currently professor of aeronautics and has written many more books than the killing zone. Welcome to the show. Well great to have you. Thanks thanks for having me bobby. And paul sitting in his home in i believe nashville tennessee. He's covered and behind the proper gear which we love and appreciate what. Post a picture that Paul you've been in this business for a long time and have tons of experiences. We can't wait out of the conversation but give the listeners a little bit of background on really what you're doing today and kind of how you got the right and books and really when you became a cf. I well first of all. I'm i'm a big fan of the of the podcast. I listened to it almost every week. i always get something out of it always learn something new. I mean This this job of being in aviation as flying instructor pilots a lifelong learning experience. And this is part of that. So i really appreciate what you guys have been doing. You're doing aviation a really great service and so just I keep doing what you're doing because it's so important. But the and i really appreciate you know mitch. Them the one of the books you know. I i kinda got into writing aviation book sort of by accident I can promise you that all of my past english teachers are flabbergasted that i could write anything that would be published writes When i was a young flight instructor became applying for the first time in nineteen eighty three and went to work as a freelance right away and i was riding a few articles that got published in some of the magazines back then. I had this idea that means like teased them all together. It can be like a book manuscript. And so i did that and a senate off to all of the publishers that had books on my own bookshelf right all the publishers.

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