A highlight from Do You Truly Have What It Takes To Succeed? (Part 2)


321 and we're back Julie. Welcome to April 12th. And I have a question for you. Yes. Do you truly it on your right? Do you truly have what it takes to succeed? That's the title of today's podcast. It's a continuation of the one we did on Friday and we are getting some good feedback from these points. I had some people asking questions about the questions which is tells me that people are actually paying attention. They're paying attention right away thinking about what we're they're they're taking the questions that we've given to them. They're internalizing the questions and then they're asking questions based on their introspection, which I really appreciate it tells me that we're doing a good job for these folks. So we did wrong number 1 through 5 on Friday. So if you missed those you can get caught up cuz we're going to start on number six. That's right. And I want to remind all of you guys if you want a free coach and call cuz a lot of you are going to be going down that path emotionally like saying. All right. Now I am I do have what it takes to succeed that I just needed a little bit of clarification and course correction. A lot of you are going to be seriously thinking about or you should maybe be thinking about right hiring a coach and we've made. Easy for you, just text the word education to 4737 to text or an education to 47372. So in other words just enter 4737 to where you usually put in the phone number and where you put the message simply, you know, enter the word education and when you do you're going to be entitled to a free coaching call as well as the real estate treasure map, which is our fill in the blank business plan. So go ahead and text or an education package 47.72. We offer 50 free coaching call spots per week in our new member coaches generally speaking will have their schedule schedule is full by probably tomorrow or early on Wednesday. So you want to make sure you do this urgently text or an education to 47372 and we'll call you back and then you'll get a free coaching call to one of our new member coaches. All right. So Julie we are on point number 6 where we really on point number six are indeed. Okay, go ahead. All right, and keep in mind. We're not just talking about real estate professionals. We're talking about Peak performers with regards to success.

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