More Than 100 Corporate Leaders Meet to Discuss State Voting Laws

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Voting rights have become a hot button issue including among business leaders this weekend. Dozens of ceos and other senior leaders met on zoom to discuss how they should respond to new voting laws proposed for texas and other states according to people on the call. Wsj's emily glaser has the details. So there are more than one hundred ceos and other senior executives that joined this zoom on saturday afternoon with the express purpose of talking about voting rights and in the beginning there was a lot of background about what the georgia legislation other state legislation and bills include about. Whether or not they were strict voter access and then kenneth chenault the former. Ceo of american express longtime corporate board director as well as kenneth frazier. Ceo of merck really made their pitch to these ceo's and other business executives of what their new statement is going to say how they believe it's non-partisan it's all about ensuring voter access for all and really urged the ceo's to add their names and so As part of the call kennedy channel told the executives that several companies had signalled that they would sign on including pepsi. co pay. Pal t. rowe price and has so across industries a lot of large companies. And you know what we heard from our sources that even during this zoom ceo's of different companies like amc and cyberport core technologies. Were saying i'm in. I'm in

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