German Conservatives Mull Merkel Succession


Germany indeed the whole of the european union is preparing for an era beyond the leadership of chancellor angela markle and this weekend the contours of the battle to lead our party became clearer. Mrs merkel's christian democratic union or cd you along with its sister party. The s you have lead the country for four consecutive terms and the two party leaders themselves. The heads of germany's two most populous states are now vying to replace her arm unless it the cd. You chair has already announced his intention to run out pursued on ehab forty to get touch longest mid and undug yesterday. Mark zeltser leads the. Su threw his hat in the ring. Status vian an essay and germany's state-led corona virus response has come into question as cases have risen faster than vaccinations legislation. That's under review would wrest control back from the states and shape a federal covid nineteen response that creates a potent political mix for two candidates with differing leadership of their home states but the best part of the year. These two men have been engaged. In the sort of war of attrition conducted mainly through the media criticizing each other's approaches to corona virus suggesting that their respective approaches have been more appropriate. Tom novel is the economists. Berlin bureau chief and this of course is a sort of proxy war for the decision for which of them is going to lead the two parties into the federal election in september and therefore most likely succeed. I'm gonna mock chancellor now we've spoken about both of them before on the show but let's quickly go through each of them. Tell me more about arlette. I'm going to lash. It was elected leader of the christian democratic union. The main center right party in germany in january he is also the leader of north rhine-westphalia. And that's germany's big

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