A highlight from English, Lesson 80. Part 3 Chapter 2. 'Sounds good,' Mary texted back.


Snow English listen eighty pop to chapter four in this. Listen you will learn. Something about pablo's frightened. Mary i hope you remember from mouse story that there had been a big stole and if you also recall pablo had been in an accident when we first learned about papa. In today's lesson the exercise improved memory by remembering the different parts of our story so far and some of the new english woods we have heard together and learned along the way. So here's a question for you to think about how did pablo get injured in the accident. Today's listen will include links back to the original beginning of our story at each mag dot com. Ea t t it may g dot com and these links will go back to the language aches sizes way. You can fill in your answers to the questions in your own time and submit your chances through a google form like in this link below where you can see in this. Listen on our website. This framework will help you improve your english language skills during these lessons filling in the ounces in the google foams will in turn help with your listening skills and your ability to remember words in english. So let's continue without story. Suddenly pablo got another. Takes this text. This time was from his brain mary. Y'all pablo how are you going. Mary texted great. Pablo said making a pizza. And next month i may be going to a potty. Sounds good. Mary takes it back. I'll call you through the week. Mary was standing just inside the door of her bedroom on the other side of town staying with her parents. She threw her phone down on the bed in slammed the bedroom door. She could feel a sudden heat rising in her fingertips out through her arms past her shoulders. And then suddenly a prickly heat shock up the back of her neck rising out of the head as if she was going to explode. She was mad how blow had been asked to a party but she hadn't. Mary stormed back towards the window. Looking out on the bleak wiped snow surrounding her entire house. She was tracked but threat in a different way to pablo. mary loved. Pablo one of the based brains and she also felt for him trapped at home. Pablo was tracked jew to the accident on his bike when he almost broke in one of his ribs. Mary was also tracked but by her family at mary had a cold a sniffle nearly as sneeze no cough and no temperature but she was not allowed outside. Mary was almost twenty now and could not understand how her own family could still order her to stay indoors merely after the first stone mary long to go outside didn't throw snowballs and four round the

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