Cherry Blossom Trees in Washington DC Reach Peak Bloom Early Amid Warm Temps


Has arrived for the cherry blossoms and because of the weather, it actually came early, and changes in the weather could also impact. How long the cherry blossom stick around. It certainly did rush through the last stage Mike Literacy with the National Park Service as that's due to the mild temperatures. We've had fact we did the last three stages in only six days, but any bad weather could be problem. Matic. We want to avoid high winds. We want to avoid heavy rains. We saw winded 2017 take out the flowers that year but literally says freezes that here also weaken them. That's not the case this time around those petals. Those blossoms are brand new. They're strong. Is there going to be and you know they may be able to withstand some wind or some rain, so hopefully there's more time for you to see them. Mike Murillo w T. O P News Police in

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