A highlight from Mini-Ep 190: From Neck To Nips



When do you put on your skin hair masks and serums and you do that light tap with your ring finger or your pinky to make sure you're being you know like gentle with the skin around your eyes to ever stop to actually consider the product you're putting on under your eyes. The better the product the better the results right and with products like strive becton an award winning science based care brand that has every product validated by independent clinical testing. You know you're getting a great product. So here's the deal. I'm forty one. And i want the products. I put on my face to work while. I'm all about embracing my skin as it is a definitely a little around my eyes especially with puffiness. That's like my thing. So i was very pleased that after using starbucks new ice cream intensive concentrate for wrinkle plus for about a month i noticed a series decrease in my under eye puffiness. The whole area feels more firm. It's brighter especially with the amount of time. I spend in front of a computer and blue light. I was worried about what it was doing to my skin. And you can also use it all around the eye and in between your browse.

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