The AstraZeneca Saga

Slate's If Then


On monday. Night reporter peter. Aldous was relaxing watching some tv trying to unwind. I had finished my day. Attic was nine twenty one m my time just after midnight. A s- coast time. Peter cover science for buzzfeed and you can hear it in his voice. He's the kind of person precise enough to note that something happened at nine twenty. One earlier that day he'd written a story about astrazeneca's newest covid vaccine trial. The results looked pretty good. It seemed like the vaccine was seventy nine percent effective but then he got this email just after nine twenty one pm from the national institutes of health with something that just never seen. Before which is basically saying that. The data monitoring committee for the big us trial of astrazeneca's coronavirus vaccine was concerned about the statement ostracized occurred put out basically astrazeneca's data the data that looked positive the data that was. Npr's earlier story was outdated and potentially misleading

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