Then again after the shooting in Brooklyn center.


AH, lot of knowledge about this case. At nine minutes. 29 2nd video has been shown everywhere right people have seen it people have seen, I think developed an element of discussed against Derek Shobin. So it's it's this is a part. I think of our developing time in which technology is different than it once was. The ability to see things outside the context of due process of law are very, very, very real and the The risks associated with that, with that activity on the part of none other than a member of United States House of Representatives. Is extraordinarily dangerous. The judge denied the mistrial, but did acknowledge That that conduct on the part of Mrs Waters would be fodder for appellate activity down the road, depending upon the outcome of the jury. The trial So it is. This is an extraordinary course of action. I think it's shameful and disgraceful what she has done. And I don't say this with any defensive attitude towards the defendant in this case at all, not in the slightest I don't know everything. I've done my best to stay on top of this this trial to hear both sides of it, But regrettably, I just can't do it like I can't get to everything that that the jury has seen and heard and otherwise observed. So they're in the unique position. They've heard it all. They've seen it all and everything that's been confronted everything that can be used as the basis upon which to render a verdict. A decision in this case. And

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