Keep Bad Days Out the Bedroom: Try a 'Complaint Dump'

Sex with Dr. Jess


This is about taking a dump okay so you probably know what this is because you've heard me talk about it. It is not defecating. No no it's a complaint dump so at the end of your day or at some point during your day can you just give yourself two minutes or however many minutes you assign to complain it all out to get it all out so that you're not complaining all throughout the day all throughout the evening and kind of shift the conversation away from a focus on kind of perceived negatives to create space for eroticism and playfulness flirtation. And i bought. I want to be really clear. This isn't about p. Positive eleven light because there are definitely things to complain about. That's okay but can you relegate them to a certain time or talk them out in a meaningful way rather than kind of allowing them to permeate throughout your day and enjoy your night and into your bedroom. If you set a tire and try to do this this can be challenging. Got a laundry list by the end of the day man. It's like well can have to speed talk through these next two minutes. You're not a big complainer though. No not unless somebody wants to trash. Talk me about putting up the trash. What oh you mean the neighbors yet. Brennan got you. Yeah yeah i know. You're you do complain about your your neck injury a lot which has since to a wonderful acupuncture Doctor who's fantastic. So you are complaining less about i am yes we do. I tend to complain about obviously the cold. Definitely the the good thing is. I have full control over the weather. The food that we are are not eating depending what we're ordering five a bad meal you know we're going to hear about it so yeah definitely complaint. Dump can be away just to relegate certain negative conversations and also important conversations to a different time and it doesn't have to be two

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