A highlight from BOX321: Hey, That Tastes Funny


It's on demand so we've had a lot of requests a lot of emails from Friends and listeners and freaks in countries like australia where it's like the next day right. You're in the future so you can't watch it so this gives you an opportunity to go to loop to buy your ticket and you can still watch the show. It's you know it's a discounted price because it's a repeat but that is an option for you and then if you missed out on the meet and greets. If that's something that you really wanted to do we will have another opportunity for you to get a ticket to that show. It will be an encore performance but we will be doing meet and greets next wednesday. The twenty eighth visit yass. Twenty eight so you you. You can buy the package. The vip's with meet-and-greet sold out on the initial show so they asked us to make a few more available. And so you can get a meeting greet. We'll we'll chat with you. I think we're shooting for six pm on wednesday. The twenty eight. That's east coast time but you can watch the show whenever you want. Well between monday. Today and next wednesday at midnight on wednesday the twenty. He's got a little bit of time. Yup also plans for our next loop. Event are already in the works and this one is going to be so cool lash painful. That's all that's all. We're going to tell you at this point. You can get your tickets for the encore performance. The box of oddities dot com. And if you missed out here's a chance to to check it out and do it on your own schedule so much for hanging with us on our looped casts so much fun. Yeah what you got for me my love. I want to tell you about alexa saint martin. He was an eighteen year old for trader from canada. Just activated everybody's echo when you said this game true but i'm not gonna say anything about how you need to add anything in particular to your shopping list. So you're we're fine books. He was at a trading post on mackinac island in michigan mackinac island. Yes doodoo nude. Is it you love that movie anyway. It's eighteen twenty two and alexis. Maybe i should call him something else. We'll we'll go. A saint martin and saint martin was shot by a duck hunter in the stomach at point blank range. It's actually said that. The duck hunter was so close to him. That when he shot saint martin saint martin's shirt lit on fire. More gone so they that close back in those days they had like blunder blunderbuss right. Yes and the bullet traveled through saint martin's side tearing a hole right through the wall of his stomach before we go any further. Let me just point out that. I know the blunder. Buses were not widely used in the early eighteen hundreds It was mostly muskets. But i don't want to get our email correcting me. The reason i said that is because Blunderbuss funnier yeah. It's fun to say it's fun to say blunderbuss klunder not bus okay. Probably that's not what you'd be shooting ducks with blunderbuss. Now anyway so was obviously very painful to be shot in the stomach. That's not great but there was a larger problem even and that was that when when saint martin eight food would just fall out of side food into his mouth. Yeah it would fall out of the blunderbuss whole which means something entirely different than what i intended it to me. But here's the thing. It reminds me of bugs. Bunny in the bugs bunny cartoons where he'll get somebody will get shot with with buckshot and drink a glass of water. The water will come out like a tweety bird and sylvester the cat that always happened. I guess sprinkler system so vector was. He's always getting shot full of blocked shot right after he drank a lot of water weird. Well it's going to be hydrated at all times whether or not you know you're going to be shot. Yes that's true so Foods fallen of them and William beaumont who was working for the us army at the time he was a surgeon stationed at a nearby army post. He treated the wound and obviously he's very interested in what's going on here Saint martin was healthy young fella. He was in his twenty s. But this was a pretty severe injury. I if i were shot pretty much point blank with an old tiny gun. Whatever kind is whatever kind it is. I don't think that getting a bite to eat would be number one on my list of priorities. How you could really go for a sandwich right now man. Oh allowed again. This is just try again. It's like when you've got a vending machine quarter that won't work and you put it through and it comes right up coin slot. No come on klingon klingon with the coin. A little more pressure right. Well you drink ya with a sandwich. Beaumont decided that he would obviously do what he could. Four saint martin. Try to make this work. So he got him into a secure location where he was treating him which obviously meant taking out a bunch of his blood because he was recently shot so naturally you wanna bleed him out a little bit and also another method of helping him out was to give him what was called cathartic was basically like a super duper laxative. Okay so i. He gets shot. Yeah with an old timey weapon. Then his sandwich keeps falling out. And so yeah. Laxative seems to be liked to write the next right after taking a bunch of your blood out right right part well so absorbed that the whole was about the size of a man's fist banjo. Could you settle. Please

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