Alarming Number of Babies, Children Dying of COVID-19 in Brazil


More than a year into the pandemic. The number of covert related deaths in Brazil is now as high as it's ever. Bean nearly 3000 people every day at the moment. But even more shocking is the number of babies who have died since the start of the outbreak. 1300 babies under the age of one Being recorded is dying from Cove in 19. BBC. Brazil's Natalia Pasadena is being given access to one pediatric intensive care unit in the northeast of the country. And then Dr Syn, Attica, NATO gently lays her hands on the defense head. Cradles her tiny frame, rubs her belly and tickles her toes. With no visits allowed due to the fear of infection. It's the doctors and nurses who offer comfort to these critically ill Children. All of whom are fighting covert 19. There's civil Mason is off you, Pamela. It's been an immense challenge working in the ICU without any parents being able to visit. It's just words exchanged over the phone. It's so hard for them to understand how their child's case could have become critical. And in some cases, unfortunately, the child might die. Doctors in Attica NATO is a pediatrician at Albert Saving Hospital in the northeast of Brazil. Together with her colleagues, she was determined to help families maintain some form of contact with their Children. The explosive you project been able to connect these families by a video the staff got together. Brought tablets and phones. Then we started to make video calls from inside of the ICU so as to allow at least some contact with the Children. Lucas was just one when he contracted the virus. After showing signs of a fever and breathing difficulties. Jessica his mom took him to the

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