Dr. Steven Gundry - Tired? Low Mood? Good Bacteria to the rescue!



What to do when you get up and go has got up and gone. Which honestly is how a lot of us have been feeling these days so in the upcoming conversation were thrilled to be talking to dr country. And we're gonna learn about what you can do from a nutritional perspective to increase your energy and your mood and it does not what you think. Welcome dr country. Thanks areola happy to be here. Cut your band actually sitting by beds so there you go. It's a joy a pleasure to have you because for a lot of us are get up and go truly has got up and gone these days. It sure has who would have guessed. I know so. What's one of the first things that you recommend to somebody who is feeling like they could use a little bit more zip in their lives. There's many factors that go into. Why most of us are tired and fatigue and just don't have the energy that we thought we ought to have many of us think we are modern lifestyle or code. This is normal to feel like this but in fact my research in that of many others shown that this tiredness is not normal. When it's actually a sign that something is really wrong deep inside. There's two things that i think are really important for people to understand. One is that apocryphal. He's the father of medicine. Twenty five hundred years ago. Said all disease begins in the gut and how that guy could be so smart that long ago without are sophisticated tests. He knew that for instance are mood game in our gut. Our illnesses came from our gut. And we now know that he was absolutely right that most of our issues including being tired and including having depression anxiety actually stems from gut despite basis. Which is a fancy way of saying that the microbiome within our god is all screwed up

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