Half of Americans Over 18 Have Received at Least 1 Vaccine Shot

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News tonight on the covid front more than half of all adults in our nation have now received at least one vaccine. Tomorrow it's available to anyone over age sixteen but with the johnson and johnson shots on hold. Will there be enough to go around. San brock has more tonight. A milestone in america more than half of all adults have now received at least one covert vaccine shot as eligibility opens to everybody sixteen and up in a matter of hours but are we ready or reality check starting with supply. We're actually very good. Question attorney supply. They are confident. That even without johnson johnson they'll reach two or three hundred million doses available in the next number of weeks. Actually and cdc numbers reflect the ramp up distribution pfizer. For example was pumping out about four million first and second doses per week when president took office. That figure now sits around ten million though down a tick from peak production at the end of march as for concerns about j. j. my estimate is that we will continue to use it in some form i think by friday. We'll know which way we're going on this. Dr anthony fauci trying to calm nerves. Even as some states like mississippi or already seeing heightened hesitancy and as soon as we inform them that they had ticket off the shelves. They panic everybody left. They counselor appointments and they didn't take dr. They were out which leads us to our next question. Is there a geographic gap on vaccination rates and hesitancy. Yes a cdc uses darker colors to show the most prolific states on the coast. New york and california are among the leaders with new hampshire pacing. The nation the lighter colors are in the south representing states like alabama and louisiana for a two week period. In march of last year new orleans had the highest covert infection rate of any place in the world. That might explain why. The rates have vaccination here are higher now than anywhere else in louisiana which is lagging overall. The vaccine's there. Now we have to get people to the shot. And i think we have to continue to educate people. We have to decrease any of those barriers. That are out there. In an ongoing push to inform with around a quarter of all americans fully vaccinated

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