Adii Pienaar: Building a Photography Business to Supports Your Lifestyle

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Guest is a serial entrepreneur in every sense of the time. He's the former founder of with which was sold reportedly for over thirty million dollars and more recently so these latest startup for more millions of dollars. He's also a family man. A dad and a writer and he's most recent book life profitability. He says he almost lost everything while chasing he's entrepreneurial success which is part of the reason he wrote the book to provide a new perspective for becoming self-aware recognizing your values and understanding your impact. He says it's possible to have a business that support your lifestyle not only alive to support your business now. When i was sitting out they seem to be. I asked if he feels what he has to. Share would be relevant to photographers who mostly have small businesses. And we'll never make a million dollars but do what they do for the love of being creative and using photography to support a lifestyle the answer he guide was a resounding yes. My book is perfect for photographers in business. Now i'm talking about eighty panel to having here with us now. I eighty welcome for for having me. Andrew is my pleasure first of all. Do you look back already at your young life and think. Wow i've achieved so much or you look towards the future. That's such a great question to start off with. I think i've developed some mature. I wanted to say balance. Balance is not the word but some make sure where i definitely enjoy looking back reflecting on what i've done both successfully and we're kind of all the mistakes that i made between and i mostly look fondly at that partner of particularly proud of the fact that took chances. I took opportunities when many others dylan history. Do that and more so i. I learned the hard lessons. When i realized that i was making mistakes and i changed my behavior so there is that looking fondly on the positive funding with

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