J and J Vaccine Pause Driven by Risk of Mistreating Clots


A setback in vaccine options states and territories, pausing use of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine after the CDC and FDA put out a recommendation to do so. The pause linked to six reports of blood clots, but it's not clear if the vaccine was the direct cause. CDC Vaccine advisory panel met this week to discuss it but didn't come to a conclusion. Here's Dr Beth Bell of global Health professional at the University of Washington, speaking during the panel, I think we need to not vote. And gather the necessary information so that we can make an evidence based decision more from ABC. Steve Olson, Saami. The scientists are looking for any link between the six women who got sick and they're investigating whether the blood clots were an immune response. All six women were between 18 and 48 years old. They got sick within two weeks of getting vaccinated. Some of the clots formed in veins of the Sinus and prevented blood from draining out of the brain. And even though one woman died, health officials say the odds are very low roughly seven million. Johnson and Johnson vaccines have been administered in the U. S. President Biden also assuring the public that there's enough supply of the Fizer and Moderna vaccines. Keep up the pace President Biden Tuesday in the Oval Office, expressing confidence that the U. S will have enough vaccine supply. Despite the pause and distribution of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. I made sure we have 600 million doses. Of the M R not of either Johnson and Johnson and or AstraZeneca. So there's enough vaccine that is basically 100%. Unquestionable for every single solitary America, but the president did not comment when asked how to address vaccine hesitancy among some Americans. Karen Travers, ABC

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