Seattle announces mass vaccination site at Lumen Field


Is expected to grow a lot more in March because of a third vaccine comes Brian Calvert, with more doctors across the Northwest, say the new Johnson and Johnson vaccine changes things simply by adding a third option. Couple that with the fact you only need one dose of this vaccine, and there are now plans from or vaccination sites, we want to be a national leader and vaccinations. Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkin is announcing a massive effort to get this coveted shot in Maurer arms. We're going to make the vaccination sites in Rainier Beach in West Seattle permanent. We are going to be ready to stand up a mass vaccinations site at Blumenfield that the events that are there on Ben will have, as we get more vaccines will add to that, of course in the North and the condition of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine is also expected to impact other vaccines sites across Washington as doses of the third option should be delivered within a week. Ryan Calvert Co. Monium Governor, Jay Inslee, signing a bill into law designed to help some of the

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