Washington DC forecast: Wet weather lasts through the weekend


And now to storm team for meteorologists. Samara Theodore tonight. That rain will start to pick up after midnight. So we're in 1st 2nd round of wet weather, my friends going through the second half of our weekend. Sunday looks just downright wet and cloudy. Now there will be periods of rain, so you may be able to slip in some periodic dry time. But for the most part, we're looking at waves of rain that'll be heavy at times. Chances and fog is well. High. Temperatures on Sunday loaded mid fifties Monday rain to start dry to finish high temperatures on Monday will be in the low to mid fifties. We are also tracking some gusty conditions Monday evening. Tuesday were dry. High temperatures Tuesday will be in the low forties with sunny skies Wednesday, tracking our next chance for rain. If it starts early enough in the morning where temperatures will be low enough. We could see a little bit of snowflakes, mixing it with that rain. But for the most part, it's looking like a rain event on Wednesday, with highs in the low fifties have served him for meteorologists. Amara Theodore 43 in Chantilly, 46. In Colombia. 49 degrees in Penn

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