Can Men Express Emotion


Back to say what needs sank. Zach now brandon and today. We are here with ben and jason from the threads. Podcast life unfiltered ben jason. Thanks for joining us guys. Thanks for the opportunity us. Thank you so much. This is kind of weird for us because usually wearing your seat and we're in viewing the guests we just got done with the podcast legit. I'm gonna tell you right now. Legit i cried because the lady prayed for us. We're we're christians and churches been shitty right now because of covid and i don't know it was amazing like literally five minutes ago ben in our bolts gearing up or like holy shit. We got a report on somebody. Else's i know and ben ben has ever been on anyone else's podcasts. Have you yes. Oh you have who eric sane. I'll that one doesn't count. He was he we were. We were on his show as paid sponsor through. That's right but anyways i've been on a few shows But never been in is duo. So i'm excited for this here. For the dynamic duo experience yes you got it so so yeah we. We've been recently. We've been bringing on some podcasters to to talk about issues that are important to them to say what needs saying to talk about the things that are often ignored in not talked about. So we we want to bring this platform to people where people feel comfortable talking about whatever it is that they need to say and not feel afraid of being condemned for their thoughts or their views or what they are deciding to talk about. You know things like that and so we get into some of these sensitive subjects and source objects. That people don't like talking about so. I want you guys to kind of bring us into speed immigrants. So what we're going to be focusing on. Today's men suck taking care of their mental health. A let it slide. And they look after their families if they're married or they look after their significant others or whatever the case may be men for whatever reason by nature are horrible when it comes to taking care of their mental health. And what do i mean by mental health. I would say the thoughts that go on in their head about who they are what their role is in the world That they may be carrying around with them. Perhaps there's even some depression all these things. Doubts fears anxieties tuition. We live in a world. That's that men are just supposed to suck it up and show up and make it happen and never deal with that stuff. And i'm fed up about it. You know yeah. I completely agree. I mean there's so many times where these the my community. I hear a lot of people say you know. Just people like people express their you know their perspective as means now and i saw one. That says a personal say. I'm good until they're in a dark place a depression. But are you are you okay. I'm good no matter what it is you know. You said you're not supposed to be crying. Your man are you out of your mind. What type of hostile. What level of hostility mrs harbor. Or you know what level of detriment comes from harboring this level of emotional expressionist being. What's your jason. Yeah i mean. I have to. You know i saw brandon. Real quick and brandon is black. And so i know in the black community. Mental health is worse in the community. So that being said. I'm kind of flip the question on you. Have you experienced that a little bit member. We're we're fellow podcast sir. So we're gonna flip it and you experienced that kind in. Do you feel like it's like that and in the black community. I'll give you this. I recently because this valentine's day coming up this sunday. yup. I saw post that Why are men now. This is from the communities from other african americans or other black they said why are men nachos yvonne times day is for women and i quote that this gay that is specifically for women and that term alienates any feminine or even you know quote unquote especially your insider liking hours of wanting chocolate or one. You can care for wanting a gift on the day. They express his love for a couple chastised to have this. Like you know. I'm about to get a gift for the first time from ivonne signs. They should i not. Should you take more money in the flowers back. There's always the joke to the serious side of really such a pivotal point because it affects. How people even correlate love and responsibility to their kids and to their why into their spouse and men not even being emotionally available for me to be you know. Do they even get so point of marriage or are they even able to sustain a real relationship with their kids so you can follow us really. Show love to the show. A love should look like you know what i mean. I think. I think they can show love to their daughters. They struggled showing love to their son's. Yes just because all. You're a man your boy. You're not so sure. Show those feelings going back to the gift of valentine's i mean yeah. Do i want flowers for my wife. I wouldn't be like oh this. Is you know you had said like. Oh this is gay which is bad to say anyways. But i wouldn't say that. I wouldn't be like oh that's weird but it wouldn't be like uncomfortable for me.

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