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Passed that along party lines over the weekend, the more from W T O P S Mitchell Miller today on the Hill. No House Republicans voted for the measure, and Delaware Democratic Senator Chris Coons is expecting a similar response in the upper chamber. Frankly, we're moving ahead with The bill that probably will get no Republican votes in the Senate, but will have broad Republican support in the country Kun citing polls showing most Americans of both parties support the plan, which includes stimulus checks. Louisiana Republican Senator Bill Cassidy, who also appeared on CNN's state of the Union, says Democrats haven't done enough to reach out to GOP lawmakers. After a serious of bipartisan pandemic packages passed last year. It could have happened here. They made a conscious decision not to include us on Capitol Hill, Mitchell Miller w T O P News in the Senate. There are questions about the future of our proposed $15 per hour minimum wage hike. It did pass the house as part of the code relief, Phil. But last week the Senate parliamentarian rule that the wage hike was inadmissible under the rules Democrats are using to pass the covert relief bill through the Senate. And that prompted some Democrats to look at tax penalties on large corporations that failed to pay the wage. But some economists and tax experts say too many corporations could easily get around that penalty. Two people familiar with the discussions. Tell the walls The Washington Post. The Democrats are now walking away from that effort. Taking the stage for the first time since leaving office. Former President Trump called for unity in the Republican Party and discussed his political future as he made it clear he intends to remain a dominant political force. Or from CBS News. Senior White House correspondent Ed O'Keefe. Speaking at the conservative political Action Conference in Orlando. Former President Donald Trump said he wants to unite Republicans. We have the Republican Party. It's going

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