Bank of America says the value


Bank of America says the value of chips going into cars will accelerate at a time. A shortage of processors has caused production problems for vehicle makers. A typical car now has about $458 worth of semiconductors, which the bank sees rising to $600. By the end of 2024 the Boy Scouts of America are offering cash, artwork and other assets to sex abuse victims under a bankruptcy plan filed yesterday as the youth group tries to move past failures to protect Children. Scouts say they want to make peace with the 85,000 people who stepped forward, saying they were sexually abused. Women's clothing and accessories retailer Chico's reported a deeper than expected quarterly loss in a sales. Ms. She goes, plans to close up to 16% of its remaining stores over the next three years. That's your money now, and we have seen a little bit of a positive turn anyway. On Wall Street this morning, the Dow Jones industrial average was down earlier. It's now up 12 points. The NASDAQ is still off, though down 106 points. That's about a three quarters of 1% loss on the day the S and P 500 down nine points right now. We check your money a 2050 past each hour. Right here on, Come on. What's it doing? Designing my new 2021. Nissan kicks online and the case Color studio. I give each a special name This one's electric blue, orange red white.

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