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Keep in mind the U. S. 40 is closed over birth and pass pretty much between I 70 and Winter park there for avalanche mitigation traffic holds will last about 20 to 30 minutes to just be aware of that back in town. You're looking at a pretty decent drive across the metro area. Crash reported downtown north bound I 25 approaching Sixth Avenue seem just a little bit of slowing and crash off highway being cleared it island and Sable in Aurora as well. Bucks 31 pinpoint whether gonna be sunny and nice today with a high near 59 Tonight, Clear overnight alot of 27 right now Fair in Denver and 50 with your impact traffic and weather. I'm Pete Wagner 6 30 K. How West era credit union is looking for people who are as excited about the future is they are. If you are a mortgage loan officer, processor or

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