Shape shifters, with Worst Foot Forward


The most common example in europe and later america is the werewolf accursed man who turns into a bloodthirsty beast under the full moon. The word where wolf comes from the old english rare for man and wolf for wolf. Dvd players and underworld fans. Please resist the urge to correct this to liken throat. Because they're actually different things. It has a parallel etymology from lucan therapists in the greek for wolf and human but it originally applied not to supernatural. Bc's but to people who thought they were supernatural beasts bc's according to the physician galen when people these days present with animals delusions they may be diagnosed with clinical like hanthropy like throats can transform at will and they have a more specific story than where wolves as an institution do in greek mythology lie cone the king of arcadia who got it in his head. That was not as initiatives people believed and that he was just the right guide approve it in the most popular version of the myth like cohn held a ceremony and feast to honor zeus. Zeus showed up. The main dish on the table was the roasted flesh of cones own son. Nick demus scheme being that would eat nikomas thinking it was pork thus proving. He wasn't all knowing turns out he was rather than kill like own. Outright zeus turned him into a wolf and resurrected the prince who then ascended to the throne but where wolves unlike in throats. There are half a dozen underworld films if you need more of that and even though there are many different werewolf legends in many different cultures. We're going to do our best to stay out of europe and away from wolves today as usual much easier said than done. Let's spin the globe around and see where to stop and stop brazil. The home of the boto and can tato the dolphin-shaped shifter of amazon river folklore during the day. The boto one can tato cavorts in the amazon living. It's best pink dolphin life if you've never seen pictures of pink river dolphin there's a link in the show notes. They're sort of mother. Nature meets lisa frank at night though the boto transforms into a handsome young man who seduces girls gets them pregnant and then pops back to his river. Come morning you will see this pattern of behavior repeatedly today the boto and can tato loves a party. They can't resist inviting themselves. So if you're having a get together in the amazon river basin keep a close eye on your single girlfriends because it's really hard to serve a dolphin with a paternity suit. You should be okay if your party is endorsed. Though boto cantatas may look human but they have a distinct tell they retain their blow holes on the back of their heads and will always wear a hat to hide it asking that handsome stranger to take his hat off inside may be the only way to reveal the bodo and cantata renowned for being charming to the point that partygoers will beg them to stay even as morning encroaches and the bowen can tato needs to get back to the water and they aren't one trick dolphins either they have the power to control storms and can transform humans into an cantatas themselves or afflict them with disease or insanity. Most people who live near the amazon won't go near it between dusk and dawn or won't go in the water alone during the daytime because in cantatas are fond of ducting humans. They fall in love with the children born of their dalliances or just anybody near the river. Who looks like they be good company.

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