Right now. At L A X. It's 53 degrees 47 in Costa Mesa


Funny A sunshine on tap today going to be on the breezy side highs in the sixties eve. You're near the coast Mid upper seventies inland Sunny tomorrow morning, but then becoming mostly cloudy in the afternoon with a 50% chance of rain and could even see a thunderstorm or two. Eyes in the fifties to the mid sixties. Maybe a second chance of rain on Saturday, so keep your fingers crossed. We could definitely use it right now. At L A X. It's 53 degrees 47 in Costa Mesa 50 in Santa Barbara. Support friend PR comes from NPR stations and from Procter and Gamble, maker of a line probiotic, a daily supplement to support digestive health. Containing a broke biotic strain developed by gastroenterologists with 20 years of research. More Adaline probiotics dot com and from c three c three dot ai software enables organizations to use artificial intelligence at enterprise scale solving previously unsolvable business problems. Learn Maurizi three dot ai You're listening to KCRW. This is morning edition. One year after the Corona virus outbreak hit the U. S. We're still trying to grasp the impact The pandemic has had both personally and economically. A new study out today looks at the effect on the country's Children.

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