Best Moments of the Golden Globes 2021


Think of the globes as an entertainment event that are really big. Audience still watches in part because a lot of people see it as the kickoff for oscar season. Let me just say if you're queasy about these awards being granted any weight at all you will get. I think no argument from us. That is certainly not our position so to the degree that they mean much. There certainly were some good property. Some good movies and television that were honored Start with nomad land. Which one sort of the top top movie prize. Best motion picture drama and also best director for chloe jau. We just covered this Recently on pop culture happy hour so we don't necessarily need to rehash that whole thing but we were big fans. I loved seeing khloe jowl win. Yeah yeah The top prize for a motion picture. Musical or comedy went to borat subsequent film a movie that i like to say not for linda's but i know people who who love it really love it also winning for that was sasha baron cohen who won best actor for a musical or comedy. The best actor in a drama this one delivered one of the best moments of the night for sure that award went to chadwick boseman for my rainey's black bottom boy that was that was quite a moment accepting the award on his behalf was his wife. Taylor simone lead word and look the globes are trashy and meaningless and then something real happens out of nowhere and that was a really effective speech and a really effective moment in an evening. That felt shambolic in chaotic. Otherwise something beautiful something inspiring something that would amplify that little voice inside of all of us that tells you can tell you to keep going calls you back to what you were meant to be doing. At this moment in history he would think it kind of felt similar to the moment of that whole series of heath. Ledger getting his posthumous awards for his role in dark knight and it felt really earned and it didn't phillips just because he had passed away like this was the role of a lifetime for him and i'm really glad to see him being honored in that way. Yeah it was a very very moving speech. If you didn't see it. I encourage you to seek it out. It's all over the place that award. I think was wonderful to see not too surprising. One that i think was surprising was Andrew day for the united states versus billie holiday aisha. You saw this to the surprising not too much. I think that there was a lot of buzz for her. And i think that it was more likely she was going to win award for this. Then she might be to win for an oscar if she were to get an oscar nomination but she does a really great job of sounding like billie holiday without sounding too much like her like. It's feeling like mimicry. And she is by far the best thing about the movie and we'll actually be covering it in our tomorrow so everyone can check it out fantastic. I'm extremely excited. I haven't seen it yet. In addition to that the first award of the night actually in of of presentation was daniel. Columbia for judas. The black messiah. They had a little glitch with his audio. You know they were figuring it out. We've all had that glenn said the motto of the pandemic was going to remind your muted. It was a little bit of a mom. You're muted kinda moment. But i was not surprised that he that he won that he's wonderful in that movie. I think you didn't pay on. Is this on. Is this on a cool cool. He really is. And it's a solid win. I mean like he started speaking and you heard millions of voices crying out. You're on mute. Dan mute and i think that moment should make the montage in years to come if there is still a golden globe sincere to come because who knows but like that will be the most emblematic acceptance speech of two thousand twenty one easily that will crystallize this moment in time.

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