Congressman Ed Perlmutter, John Morrison And Aurora discussed on Colorado's Morning News with April Zesbaugh and Marty Lenz


Have a lot of renewable energy and energy efficiency jobs that will more than make up for that at the time. Got to leave it there today. Congressman Ed Perlmutter. Thanks so much have a good week. All right. Thank you. You guys too. We'll continue to follow the covert relief packages that makes its way. Now through the Senate, seven o'clock sunshine out there reporting the news straight ahead. First. Let's see how the roads are faring. On a Monday, John Morrison It's a harsh Dr. Coming out of Aurora South, found 2 to 5 is jammed up solid before Parker wrote all the way to I 25 that because of the crash, blocking several lanes right there, and I 25 on south bound. 2 to 5. It's also pretty slow drive on 56. Now 56 runs on the south side of the Rocky Mountain Arsenal property and a lot of people use 56. Instead of the jams on I 70 to get between Pina Boulevard and 2 70. But this morning, there's a crash westbound 56 right near Havana that's really causing delays on both sides of that sneak through your eyes. 70 Drive is another heavy driver. The bed Fred Sports have extended that was found by 70 drive heavy from chambers into downtown and near downtown east down because that bright sun You're slow from Bakos both sides of 2 70 loaded up stores Rise 76 Drive this reporter sponsored by indeed dot com. Sometimes hiring freezes can happen because you can't find the right people. So follow the warming trend to indeed they have tools to help you find quality candidate you

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