Federico Klein Arrested: what we know about the Capitol riot


We now know that in the mall that stormed the capital on january six pushing into the building in fighting. The police was at least one trump political appointee an active employee of the trump state department on that day. His name is federico klein. That's his picture there. He's forty two years old. He was until his resignation on january. Twenty first of this year a special assistant in the bureau of western hemisphere affairs klein entered trump's orbit tech analyst on the two thousand sixteen campaign he then joined the state department as a staff assistant with the trump transition team. According the fbi affidavit as of january sixth the day that this all went down insurrection. Klein also had an active top secret. Security clearance that same sixteen page f. b. i. Affidavit published today by the new york times reveals. That klein was present in some of the most grisly violent odd setting scenes at the capitol on january six. This image captured by surveillance. cameras shows. Climb in the red maga- hat along with other members of that insurrectionist mob entering a tunnel that leads to the doors the capitol building. You might remember. The police were stationed at the entrance. Desperately trying to use their bodies to keep them about body camera footage shows. That klein himself pushed his way to the front of the crowd. That is the trump administration official in the mob pushing his way to the front of the crowd physically and verbally engaging with officers attempting to stop the invasion it also captured klein violently shoving a riot shield towards the officers pushing it in between doors so they couldn't be closed. Federico klein continued to fight to breach the police line and enter the building. According to the affidavit until an officer deployed a chemical irritant spray also identified client in this publicly posted video from january. Sixth the trump administration official. Who still official. When you're seeing him here you'll see him in the center your screen and the red cap dark green jacket with his back to us. You may recognize that we've shown you pieces of the seen before because in the scene the mob violently tries to break through the police line at the entrance the building and you will hear climb it trump administration official encouraging members of the mob to come forward as reinforcements. I i i. A mob violently attempting to invade the capital. Stop the peaceful transfer of power. And that man frederick climb according to the fbi seen. They're on camera saying we need fresh people to help with the invasion on the day he's still working for the state department later on that same video. The fbi notes that we see further violent action from climb. You can see on the right side of your screen here pushing and shoving with the mob trying to break down the line police. Blocking the doorway the capitol right up against the officers right jailed. And he's visible again just a few minutes later. Struggling with officers pushing back with the shield is they keep trying to disperse the rioters attempting to stop the peaceful transfer of power sign was arrested yesterday. Charged with multiple felonies including assault on police officers interfering with police during civil disorder and obstruction of an official proceeding. New brief court appearance today conducted by phone. He was advised at two of the six charges. He's facing carry a maximum sentence of twenty years in prison. The fbi found interested federico klein thanks in part to tip from the public and the included his photo in a seeking information list posted online. They were able to verify identity and details about his actions through social media and videos like the ones we just showed you but there are still a lot of questions about other individuals involved in the attack on the as well as the organization and planning behind it fbi's investigating whether foreign governments groups are individuals may have funded extremists who helped plan and execute the january six attack fbi sources telling nbc news that the bureau is examining payments of five hundred thousand dollars in bitcoin apparently by french national two key figures and groups in the alt-right before the riot kind of weird also know the fbi collected thousands of phone and electronic records connected to people at the scene of the rioting including many records from the members of congress and staff members. Who were there. That day. Senator sheldon whitehouse and several fellow. Democrats have called for senate ethics committee. Look into the behavior of the republican colleagues. Tech josh hawley. In relation to the events of january six and today democratic congressman. Eric swallow of california actually filed a lawsuit. And it's the second lawsuit on this on these actions. This lawsuit accuses former president. Donald trump his son. Donald trump junior republic rudy giuliani republican congressman mo brooks of alabama of violating federal civil rights law and local incitement laws with their speeches at that rally near the white house in the morning of january six lawsuit. Alleges the capital attack was quote a direct and foreseeable consequence the defendants false incendiary allegations of fraud and theft and indirect presponse. The defendants calls for violence.

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