Separating facts from fiction on major COVID-19 vaccine misconceptions


Of coded. The news does seem to get a little better every day, particularly when it comes to vaccines. We now have three covert vaccines in circulation. Advisor Madonna and Johnson and Johnson. More and more vaccination sites are taking appointments in the U. S. Almost 77 million doses have been administered. Even his inoculations rise. So do the questions. What does that mean for our daily lives after we get both shots? Can we take off our masks and we go on vacation? To get some answers. We talked to Dr Sandra Cash, deputy medical director and infectious disease specialist at West Bed Medical Group, located in Westchester, New York. Is what she had to say. Thanks so much for joining us. You're welcome My pleasure. So with the vaccine on everyone's mind these days, what are some of the common misconceptions about the vaccine? You know, just that this is ah, very good question, and I've seen and heard all sorts of mythology out there about the vaccines. Some of the more common myths that I've seen are that the vaccine can close Cove. It Um, the vaccine. The genetic material in the M R in a vaccines can actually affect your gardener your genetic material on but it can cause problems with fertility. Um You know, and the first two are flat out wrong. Um, you know, the genetic material in the in the vaccines really does not interact with your DNA's A. It's degraded very rapidly in the side of possum. The area outside the nucleus of the cell by yourselves. Enzymes on that happens really, Very quiet. Very quickly. Um, you know, the question about fertility and impact on fertility is one that I think we have not seen evidence of that to be the case. I don't anticipate that being The case. But you know these air new vaccines, So we simply haven't had the time on Ben. The question about whether the vaccines can cause Kobe that that one is flat out wrong. There's no mechanistic way for that to happen with the vaccines that we use these air, not live vaccines. Well, that's great to hear, and it's good to be clear about the facts. After you had two shots of the vaccine, and the correct time period has passed. Do you still need to wear a mask and other other precautions you should be taking you do And the reason it seems a little counterintuitive, But the reason we we continue to make that recommendation is several fold. Probably the most important reason behind that is that we still don't know. And I'm anticipating will have the answer to that in the next few months. Whether vaccination prevents transmission, meaning that a vaccine individual will not get infected if they're exposed to someone with Cove it But they may still get enough of the virus to carry it in their nose in their fair or unfair, inks the back of their throat and be able to spread it toe unvaccinated individuals. And that's where masters becomes a mechanism. Tol interrupt that that transmission I suspect what we'll see with covert vaccine is what we've seen with vaccines for other infectious diseases. Primarily that vaccination not only prevents infection, which we know the M Marny vaccines, the backs and the Johnson Johnson vaccine, they're highly effective in preventing infection. They'll also be very effective in preventing preventing transmission. This asymptomatic carrier status. We just don't have that information now. So we continue to make that recommendation recommendation on mask use until we have that additional information. So given that is it safe to expand your social bubble? Once you have the vaccine, and if so, who can you include? That's a trickier question, and I'll give you like a scenario. So if you're with other vaccinated individuals what you can Probably pretty. Realistically assume, is that those individuals? If they're carrying the virus, they won't infect you. And you won't infect them. What you can't assume And what we're not sure of yet is whether if you're carrying the virus again and your nose, you won't get the infection because you've been vaccinated. Can you expose another person in your gathering and they again Because they've been vaccinated won't get infected. But will they get enough of the virus in their nasal mucosa and then take it to their home where they may have unvaccinated individuals? Now? The likelihood of that happening? You know, there are lots of steps involved. Becomes increasingly remote. And so I've seen, you know, groups of people who have been vaccinating getting together and you know and not wearing masks. I don't think we're at that point yet I would feel much more comfortable with that once we kind of reach more a level of herd immunity. But what vaccination does do is it obviously prevents you from getting infected and dying from this, You know disease, which can be horrible, But it also allows you to do things that you may have been very frightened to do with a lot more comfort, and I think one of the things that we talked about a lot with Cove. It is this underlying kind of second pandemic of tremendous anxiety and fear that it's created in people. You know, fear of going to the store fear of interacting with people fear of even going Outside an exercise in which we know was probably one of the safer things you could do right now. And I think vaccination gives you you know, Ah, lot of relief that if you do go to the store and someone buy, you sneezes or coughs that you know you don't have to have that panic attack, you know, And I think that is a huge weight off of a lot of people's shoulders, and that's why you know Healthcare people in epidemiologist and all the people are talking about. This is really the first major step back to a sense of normalcy and why vaccination is going to be so important for us to get back Tol we were the society. So

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