Don't Use Green Sparklers on the 4th of July


Hello hello christine. Hello dave from the homeowners association. And i needed to just kind of touch base here with you about those fireworks last night because those those sparklers that you guys were using. They were not very slow. Don't interrupt me are here alone. We did not use any sparkler. We saw sparklers. Deny it but the reason. What are you talking about the top. The reason i'm calling is because you didn't even use red white and blue sparklers. You're using like green and gold. The sparklers you were using or not. American colors is what i'm saying. Are you guys not even from america. What the hell are you talking about. I think you're a terrorist basically name. I think you're a terrorist. You're using green sparklers on fourth of july. Hell is it. This is dave from the hoa. What neighborhood do you live in stupid. You calling me stupid well. You're you're the one. That's easing green sparklers on fourth of july. You know what i think. You'd better take a pill and smoke another cigarette and shove it up your ass. Don't you ever call this number again. Why would you call me and say something so stupid. As i'm using green sparklers

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