Steven Pressfield on Fighting & Winning our Inner War Against Resistance


Stephen press failed on dose of leadership. Welcome the show my friend. Great to be richard. Thanks for having me. Yeah this is. This is a bucket list thing for me. I wanna talk to you for years. I'll just get this out of the way. I wanna thank you personally for. The war of art has been instrumental personally and professionally for me. It's been probably the source that is probably steered my path. More than anything was was that. So i wanna thank you for that book from four mcgrady. My my pleasure. I'm delighted that it helped. And when i even coach when i do some individual coaching. I don't do it that much anymore. But when i do i always have them read that before. We start the sessions because this this whole concept of resistance was so eye opening to me. I mean it was. It spoke to me because it was things. I was feeling inside. But i just couldn't articulate it and your book helped me articulated so great great great. Wow this new book man at arms great job i really. I really enjoyed it. Thank you thanks for reading. Yeah and what. I loved about it. I don't know what your intention was when you wrote it. But it's what. I talked a lot about here on dose of leadership. Was this this idea of love. And i think that's what this book is about. I think it's about love at the end of the day. Yes it is definitely a kind of a passage from from fear to love or from anger to love because everything a serves around that. When i came from the marine corps and it didn't come clear to me until i got out of the marine corps i got laid off from american airlines in two thousand one. I went straight to the marine corps to the airlines. And then i got laid off into the corporate arena. And that's when all the lessons. I took it for granted when i was in it. Because i'm around the same same much knuckleheads all the time and take granted but it was a very loving organization that a lot of your of your writings of course gates of fire was important to me too because it talks about that type of leadership that i was so used to write in. It's very loving organization. What do you think about when you hear me. Say that You know. I had never actually thought about it in those terms. Love using the word love for the marine corps. But you're right it really is. I mean there's a tremendous. it's just a weird sort of kind of male to male love. You know that involves a lot of abuse and things like that but not real abuse now real abuse abuse camaraderie type of use. You away of of for a man to express love to another man as you know. Is it some sort of indirect way

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