The Ariel School Alien Sighting


Today's story is so bizarre and so hard to rationalize the only way to make sense of it is to go through it piece by piece from the very beginning it centers around the aerial school a private primary school in the small farming community of rua about twenty miles outside of zimbabwe's capital of harare. The students range from as young as five the way up to age twelve. I don't know what the school is like. Nowadays but back in nineteen ninety four. The kids would run around the playground every morning for their recess break. Friday september sixteenth was no exception. It's almost the weekend. The kids are excited as they're running around the playground. Meanwhile inside the building teachers convene for a staff meeting while they're gone. It's basically understood that the older children will keep an eye on the younger ones and not far from the playground is a ticshop which is basically like this little deli or canteen that serves students mothers rotate through managing. And the momma duty. This morning is allison kirkman. Now allison's minding the shop when shortly after ten a m. A student named luke runs in. And he's looking like he has seen an actual ghost. He has this sort of wide eyed stunned expression on his face. Ben luke tells. Allison he's just seen a literal alien outside now. Alison here's this and brushes it off. I mean she basically tells loop scherf very funny. Quit pulling my leg. But luke keeps insisting that he saw quote a little man in a one piece suit with a band around his head end quote ultimately alison isn't convinced enough to leave the tuck shop investigate even though her own daughter. Fi fi is out on the playground to in fact fi fi and her friends or just as stunned as lucas. Apparently the students were out running around when they noticed this thing hovering in the distance beyond the edge of the playground.

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