Police Video Shows California Man Died After Police Held Him


Police in Alameda California released body cam footage that shows officers pinning a man to the ground for more than five minutes during an arrest last week that ended in his death it starts out like this or talk on the record after Alameda police got nine one one calls about a possibly drunk man but escalates to this with Mario Gonzales face down into the ground one officer's neon is back at least another helping hold him down on the record police say they tried to get her to cooperate but he would not be we are all on the side I don't know okay then after about five minutes he seems to lose consciousness aha by then more officers are on scene one asks if there's a pulse another answers no someone start CPR your whole an autopsy is pending to determine cause of death the family blames the police saying officers escalated which should have been a minor peaceful encounter with the unarmed man I'm Julie Walker

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