Woman Accused of Stalking Police Officer Who Previously Arrested Her For... Stalking

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A woman has been accused of stalking a police officer who previously arrested her for stocking. This occurred in nara. japan. Place that i have Visited before nowra for their dear. The whole city is overrun by wild deer. Just walking around eating out of your hand. School nara dear. So it's pretty cool. Well they got a crazy lady over a narrow sounds like thirty seven year. Old woman allegedly stock. A police officers stationed at the narrow police station. According to the media kanako owner she a part time. Employees for narrow city met the victim after he arrested her last year for stocking. I assume stocking somebody else. In around april twenty second onishi allegedly violated a previous by sending a letter to the police officer. I want to enter to your family register. She wrote in a letter. I don't wanna live apart from you. I think i'm in love got arrested. And she's just fell in love with the arresting officer. Wait out sometimes handcuffs. Do this to a person.

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