A highlight from Reviewing Ben Standig's Mock Draft for Fantasy Football


Use the code. Twenty-one erica's plus your good hold off for that long you know what. I thought i really had gotten past it. I thought i was i. I was in the clear. Evidently not again use the code. Twenty-one feast at fantasy points up. i thought we'd do some little different today. Joe come on on mondays. Ross tucker football podcasts. I had been standing okay. Ben standing is like the joe dolan of mock draft. So i've talked about your rankings before i posted on social media that you've been the best and most successful fantasy analyst over the last five years. Well that's been standing over the last ten years when it relates to mock draft. So i had been on mondays raw soccer football podcast and we went over his mock draft. And so i thought it'd be cool is to look at some of the landing spots of some of the skill guys which i think some of these our consider likely and talk about it. And let's start with the quarterbacks. We believe most people. I think trevor lawrence one of the jags. Zack wilson to to the jets. Mack jones three to the niners. So i guess the question. There is how relevant are any of them for fantasy purposes as a rookie. Well first and foremost obviously word. We're basing this now. Ross off of off of stands mock draft. So you and i will talk next week. specially san francisco throws a curve. Ball takes like a lance or field so just wanted to reiterate that but based on that mock draft the you know the guy is going to be most interesting to me for fantasy will indeed be Travel arts because of his running ability. Now you look at san francisco and san francisco. In terms of skill position. Talent is the best prepared of those teams to score points at right now so if it is mack jones it creates this really interesting juxtaposition against what's trevor lawrence who has obviously the higher level athletic traits. He's got the higher level throwing traits. He's got the draft capital. You know damn well e starting week one but he has fewer weapons. He doesn't have kiddle. he doesn't have a yuki. Doesn't have deebo samuel use. Check coming out of the backfield. It doesn't have any of those guy. So san francisco's in a better position to win. Rate now that being said dr trevor lawrence in the media. Qb to range mack. Jones would be middle low. Qb to just because. I don't see the athletic upside there. Zack wilson i be struggling to draft him at this point. Ross i mean they have a little bit more on the outside now after the signing of corey davis you'd have denzel mims in his second year and and jamison crowder is still there But i probably want to see it. I from zack.

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