How High Achievers Begin to Find Balance, With Michael Hyatt


Many of us as leaders tend to be the high achieving types we are driven not just by others but actually were driven so much internally to do the best possible work we can for ourselves for others and for our organizations and that's a wonderful wonderful positive trait and yet is a trait that can get in our way of really finding the balance that so many of us want to not only win at work but to succeed at life today. I'm so glad to welcome back to the show and expert. Who's going to help us to navigate this better so pleased to welcome michael hiatt. He is the founder and chairman of michael haydn company which helps leaders get the focus. They need to win at work. And succeed at life formerly chairman and ceo of thomas nelson publishers. Michael is also the creator of the full focus planner and a new york times wall street journal and usa today. An author of several books including free to focus your best year. Ever living forward and platform is work has been featured by the wall street journal forbes fast company business week entrepreneur and many other publications. He is the author with his daughter. Megan hyatt who's now. Ceo of their company of win at work and succeed at life. Five principles to free yourself from the cult of overwork. Michael always a pleasure to talk to you. Welcome back thanks. Dave great to be with you the title of this book when it were can succeed at life of all the people who have public presence in the world and on the internet and lead organizations. You seem to be both really intentional about that balance in your language but my sense is that you really execute on that well and yet when you read this book you realize coming away the reader that that wasn't always the case for you looking back. When did you realize that the succeed at life piece wasn't clicking for you as much as it should be open this story in the book i tell the story of actually making that discovery in sort of revelation that yeah was winning at work but i wasn't succeed in

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