All 6 Premier League Clubs Withdraw as Proposed European Super League Collapses


English Premier League football teams involved in the newly announced European Super League have signaled their withdrawal from the fledgling competition. Arsenal. Liverpool, Manchester United and Tottenham joined Chelsea and Manchester City, which said they were pulling out earlier. The brake away Super League said it will reconsider how to reshape the project with more his our sports editor, Dan Ronan. And so it appears. The so called European Super League isn't quite so super after all, following a seismic but ultimately shambolic bid to get this breakaway off the ground, one that threatened the entire footballing pyramid, and it will be fascinating to see how long it takes for the damage. The bad blood that this episode has created to be forgotten. It won't be easy. A number of forces were at play here. The threat over players play the national team's clubs be expelled from their leagues. But ultimately, perhaps what proved decisive for once was found power.

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