A highlight from 91. How Fake Museums Are Used in Theme Parks with Shaelyn Amaio

Museum Archipelago


Frontier. Land or the oil lantern illuminated shops of main street. Usa help us relate to history one of the main principles of experience design. Is that even the smallest out of place. Detail can ruin the illusion castle parks that followed the same formula continues to open into the twenty first century in hong kong and shanghai but even by the nineteen eighties disney had developed a different model of park in the form of epcot. Epcot was a theme park which sought to create a permanent world's fair disney had experience with nineteen sixty four nineteen sixty five world's fair in new york where no fewer than four corporate sponsors hired the company to develop attractions for them. It is really interesting to think about how these different hearts in the periods in which they were built reflects the way that we think about knowledge in these different times. If you look at cot which opened in nineteen eighty two here. You have a different relationship to history in a different relationship to progress for americans. So you're coming off of the nineteen seventies which were really tumultuous right. you have an entire pavilion in epcot. That is the universe of energy pavilion which was sponsored by exxon mobil. And we had just come off the gas crisis. Americans were like not really feeling secure in the future of fossil fuels. And so you have this entire ride. That talks about how great everything is. How technology is advancing. We're going to solve all the problems of humanity forever changed the allows long complex and challenge demands the development and wise use of today's energy resources. Before

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