A highlight from We Made It Weird #33


You walk made it weird with the homes happening weirdos so sorry smack this in on valerie. We're so happy to be back with you guys. It's a monday. We made it weird. Because our sitter had the madonna thing and wasn't feeling great. I had my madonna thing. And i'm feeling fantastic. The gurney thing. I've got my second madonna thing. I'm feeling great. We actually mentioned in the podcast. I think this is not a sponsor of the show. I've been drinking so much liquid. Iv because everyone's like stay hydrated stay hydrated stay hydrated and i feel fantastic so he wants them and if you're going to get the vaccine. I recommended lakewood. Ivy dot com. Promo code weird. It seemed to be a game changer to me. That's not an ad. It's just me help trying to help. They are funder of era sorts of other episodes. This episode idea. So i'm just dropping that because i think it really made a big difference for me Any who's oh. I feel great. We're so happy to be back. And this is a great episode. Yeah we like we talk about parts for most event then we get real deep. There is some fart chat but then we get deep not too much farther. Even the far chat is very good. If you can get through the farts some really good stuff on the other side and we relationships. I think that's true. How i feel about you. So we had some of our biggest laughs in this episode two. I'm really happy to say on. This is brought to us. By our pete's picks peden vow picks if you like the show the only and best way to support us and keep us going is to get us to get yourself a pete or avows pick starting with brooklyn it's spring again or what is time. Feel it feels like summer in la either way it may be time for a chain especially around the house so about to change. That makes you super comfortable and makes your home. Look good enter brooklyn brooklyn started to create beautiful high quality homosexuals. That don't cost an arm and a leg and people. what a success. What does that mean. Oh i see people what a success

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