A highlight from Episode 38; Music of the 90's and a peek behind the curtain of the entertainment touring industry.


Get it off. Mardi grass this episode of the old man's podcast. We're going to take a look behind the curtain if you will try the entertainment industry. In terms of the touring portion live shows. Normally we think of music but really. It's anything from circuses to wwe productions and of course concerts. What all goes on to make that happen. What is going on behind the scenes in terms of the production company. That brings the show to us. What's it like on the road. With the touring company and no man. Who is in that career is going to give us a look behind the curtain. And we'll see what that life is like. I've always thought it was interesting. I enjoy going to concerts and live shows. You probably due to ever given much thought to what took place to make that show happen. This is gonna be interesting. Stay tuned you're gonna like this one.

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